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18th Annual
Saratoga Festival and Dressage
Memorial Day Weekend  May 26-27, 2007
Saratoga Springs, NY

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Meet the Breed
May 27th


 “Meet the Breeds” is a display of AKC pure-bred dog breeds.  We will be located near the grandstand at the betting oval from the time the festival opens in the morning until mid-afternoon. 

 This is a wonderful opportunity to meet many different breeds.  Members of both clubs and other pure-bred dog fanciers will share their dogs with you and talk about their breed’s strong points and not-so-strong points.  You will be able to learn about a particular breed’s requirements for exercise and grooming, the health concerns for that breed and how to find a responsible breeder and what questions you should ask and be asked.  There will be handouts and information for you to take home.

 Last year there were over 30 different breeds scheduled to attend this function.  There will be everything from the smallest toy dogs to the giants of the canine world and many in between.  You may also find impromptu dog tricks, obedience demonstrations and draft work throughout the day at our base. You may find your perfect canine companion here.

 Please come and join us in a celebration of the wonderful world of dogs!   For more information you may contact Mary Lou Cuddy, 518-885-5030, or [email protected].

To learn more about Newfoundland's you may visit (Newfoundland Club of America), or you may visit (Northland Newfoundland Club)  or to obtain more information about the Saratoga Kennel Club you can contact them at